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IOT programming

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We provide IOT programming using  IBM Bluemix – Node JS, Node-RED and cloud integration for  internet of things solutions to enable remote infrastructure monitoring,  asset tracking, supply chain visibility and equipment leasing services using Drupal 8 Web Content Management framework.

  • IOT programming gateway for multi vendor IOT sensors and readers
  • MIS dashboards and desktop alerts
  • Push messaging communication
  • MQTT communication management
  • Ajax. Node JS and JSON development services
  • Drupal 8 docker container management
  • Restful API services
  • Integration with third party access points
  • NOSQL DB, DASH DB configuration and IOT sensor data integration
  • WATSON analytics
  • R programming for statistical computing
  • Predictive analytics and trend management
  • Load impact load testing for up to 100,000 IOT sensors

We provide IOT programming services based on our expertise in building reliable platforms on IBM Bluemix development environment for IOT platform , internet of things asset tracking, smart agriculture, supply chain visibility, cold chain monitoring etc.

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